Looking for the perfect gym in Sagrada Familia can be a daunting task, but The Nutrition Store got you covered with a comprehensive guide to the most popular Sagrada Familia gyms. We’ll help you find a fitness community that aligns with your goals and preferences, and is close to us, so you can conveniently pick up your sports nutrition supplements.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the best fitness gyms in Sagrada Familia, detailing the unique services they offer. Additionally, we’ll provide you with the actual distances of these gyms to our supplement store, ensuring that you can easily access quality nutrition products.

First, we’ll explore Viva Gym, situated in the heart of Barcelona, a fitness haven offering a diverse range of equipment, engaging classes, and knowledgeable trainers. From cardio enthusiasts to weightlifters, Viva Gym caters to all fitness levels. Conveniently located just a short 0.5 miles away from The Nutrition Store, it’s easy to come visit us to refuel with the right supplements post-workout.

Next, we’ll look into BCN Fitness, which  prides itself on creating an inclusive and motivating environment. With state-of-the-art facilities and a variety of classes, BCN Fitness ensures a well-rounded fitness experience. Our supplement store is a mere 0.3 miles away, making us a convenient stop for all your nutritional needs.

And, where simplicity meets effectiveness, there’s Simply Gym, a no-nonsense fitness destination. Offering a range of equipment and friendly staff, Simply Gym is designed for those who prefer straightforward workouts. Located just 0.7 miles from The Nutrition Store, it’s the perfect distance for you to pass by our supplement store to grab your next protein bar or energy drink.

Not to mention, DiR Gyms is a renowned gym chain in Barcelona synonymous with quality fitness services. From innovative classes to personalized training programs, Dir caters to various fitness preferences. One of their gyms is conveniently situated 0.4 miles away from The Nutrition Store. We love DiR customers so much, that if you bring us proof of membership on your first of membership from DiR Claris, DiR Maragal, or DiR Castillejos, we will happily give you a 15% DISCOUNT on our sports supplements. 

Equally important is a gym true to its name, Anytime Fitness, which offers 24/7 access to top-notch facilities. Whether you prefer early morning or late-night workouts, Anytime Fitness accommodates your schedule. Located just 0.2 miles from The Nutrition Store, Barcelona, you can leave the gym an access our quality supplements anytime you need them.

What’s more, follows Metropolitan Gym — offering one of the nicest gyms near La Sagrada Familia, the epitome of luxury fitness, upscale facilities and a comprehensive range of services. After your workout, you can indulge in a premium wellness experience. Located 0.5 miles from The Nutrition Store Barcelona, it’s an ideal distance to pick up a post-workout vegan protein shake.

Most Popular Sagrada Familia Gyms

Further, we present a gym for CrossFit enthusiasts, Alpha Link CrossFit. This is a hub of high-intensity workouts and community support. With its location just 0.3 miles away from The Nutrition Store, you can easily grab your pre or post-workout before or after diving into a challenging Alpha Link CrossFit session.

In addition, gym-lovers love McFit, which offers a budget-friendly fitness option without compromising on quality. With a no-frills approach to fitness, McFit provides the essentials for an effective workout. Conveniently located 0.8 miles away from The Nutrition Store Barcelona, it’s an ideal choice for those seeking value and convenience.

Next, there’s Euro Fitness, a gym that prides itself on variety, offering cutting-edge equipment and a diverse range of classes. With its location just 0.4 miles from The Nutrition Store, Euro Fitness ensures that quality nutrition is within reach to enhance your workout experience.

Finally, we introduce Holmes Place, which is synonymous with wellness and sophistication, providing premium amenities and personalized services. Located 0.6 miles from The Nutrition Store Barcelona, Holmes Place ensures you have access to quality supplements for a well-rounded fitness journey.


In conclusion, when looking for the most popular gyms near me or Barcelona gyms near The Nutrition Store, you’ll be happy to find excellent gyms conveniently located near us. Choose the gym that aligns with your fitness goals, and supports your journey to a healthier, fitter you.

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